Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN) is known as the premier varsity level Model United Nations of Indonesia, organized by Universitas Indonesia MUN Club for the 11th time in 2021. This conference provides a platform for national and international delegates, both in high school and university, to engage with international matters in a diplomatic manner. Indonesia MUN aims to broaden the network of its participants and to develop their public speaking, negotiation, and legal drafting skills in order to improve their community by learning beyond the boundaries of a classroom. Through its various events, Indonesia MUN hopes to enhance the spirit of Model

United Nations and improve delegates as future leaders of the country.
This year, I had the opportunity to join IMUN to take a part and discuss about "Enhancing the Role of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Safeguarding Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean Region". ARF is a forum formed by ASEAN in 1994 as a vehicle for dialogue and consultation on matters related to politics and security in the region, as well as to discuss and equate views between ARF participating countries to minimize threats to regional stability and security. It comprises 27 members: the 10 ASEAN member states, the 10 ASEAN dialogue partners, Bangladesh, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Timor-Leste, and Papua New Guinea.

IMUN 2021 was divided into 2 days with each day consisting of 3 committee sessions. Before the IMUN begins, each country was required to make a Position Paper that describes the position of each country on the theme raised. We arrived on its MUN day, and this is how it went: First, the state representatives will be roll called, then followed by an opening speech given by countries that joined the General Speakers List. After that we proceed to the first committee session. Each country was allowed to submit a motion then we vote together which one to discuss first. There are 2 types of discussion, namely Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus. In the Moderated Caucus we have to talk formally and each country tends to have limited speaking time, but in the
Unmoderated Caucus it’s the opposite. The committee session continued until the second day. During those 2 days we also made a summary document called the Draft Communique which contained the results of our discussions. On the closing day, various awards were announced, such as: Best Position Paper, Best Delegate, and Honorable Mention.

Honestly, I didn't put out too many arguments because this was my first ever MUN. But everyone was really nice to us as first timers. "It's okay if you’re a beginner and you don’t talk much. With you participating in this event, it is enough to show that you are great.” they said. I'm so proud of myself and I can't wait for my next MUNs!
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