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Our Online Admission for Academic Year 2024-2025 Will be Open on September 2nd, 2023. Check Us Out On Social Media At IG : @globalislamicschool_gis Tiktok : globalislamicschool and Youtube : GIS Channel
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Primary Global Islamic School is one of the academic levels offered by the Global Islamic School. It is designed to provide a comprehensive education for students at the primary level, which is from Grade 1 to Grade 6. The Primary program at Global Islamic School focuses on academic excellence while instilling Islamic values and principles in students.

The school provides quality education and a nurturing environment that fosters a lifelong love for learning and personal development. Through a combination of engaging curricula and extracurricular activities, students develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills that allow them to succeed in the ever-changing global environment. In addition to religious studies classes, the school offers a full range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Physical Education.

Global Islamic School also encourages parent-teacher communication to ensure that students receive the necessary support to achieve their potential. Regular meetings and open communication can help with the child's progress and identify areas that need improvement.

To conclude, Primary Global Islamic School provides excellent education to students in grades 1-6, focusing on academic excellence while incorporating Islamic values and principles. Global Islamic School's approach helps children develop important skills and prepares them for success in a diverse and ever-changing global environment. Moreover, Global Islamic School is dedicated to working closely with parents, teachers, and students to achieve the best possible academic and personal outcomes.
GIS Jakarta
Jl. Condet Raya No. 5 Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta - 13530
(021) 8088 4510
GIS 2 Serpong
Jl. Raya Puspiptek, Buaran, Kec. Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten-15310
(021) 7587 0770
GIS 3 Jogja
Jl. Selokan Mataram, Sanggrahan, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55282
0811 263 2208
0811 263 2208
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